Fast. Accurate. Affordable.

The molecular test

for COVID-19 and much more

The molecular test for COVID-19 and more

The Biology Works k(now)™ Test received a CE Mark and is available for sale for Point of Care in Europe.

BiologyWorks k(now)™ Features


For use anywhere, any time


Equal to gold standard PCR laboratory tests


Results in 30 minutes or less


Molecular at a reasonable price


Consumer controls data and privacy (public health reporting compliant)


Reliable results


Provides certificates for digital tickets, passes, and enterprise systems


Innovative bio-chemistry, electronics, and software

The BiologyWorks™ Digital Platform


Designed for consumer privacy, leveraging state-of-the art systems and security


Empowers consumers to know and control their own health data


Securely connects BiologyWorks Travel Health Passes and corporate systems

How BiologyWorks k(now)™ Works

A small system
that does powerful things

The patient sample is collected with an anterior nasal swab

The device detects the very specific gene sequences for infections, diseases, and contaminations

The display tells the user the results via QR code

The cloud delivers certificates, tickets, value, and integration

The whole system gets better the more it is used across the world

Who We Are

Who We Are

BiologyWorks™ was formed in 2019 to create simple, rapid diagnostic tests for infections, diseases, and contaminations. Our mission is to give individuals the opportunity to be the first to receive their test results…not the last.

The company is ISO 13485-certified and is led by a veteran group of biologists, engineers, and creatives. Our chemistry is patent-protected and based on years of research originating with the Alfred Mann Foundation, as well as underwritten by a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. While SARS-CoV-2 is our lead target, we are expanding our work to address additional critical infection and disease gene sequences.

We believe in access to reliable diagnostic testing for all. Providing certainty for individuals and their communities is what motivates us every day.


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