4 Rights: As leaders in real-time diagnostics, our unique “lab-in-a-box” extends the point-of-care, and supports all providers as they attack the four rights of healthcare: time, place, care and cost.

Right CostA PCR quality lab to meet practically all of your testing needs, at 1/10th the price. And 1/5th the size.– Results in 45 minutes or less
– Enables faster response on-site and in field
– Multiple tests able to run together simultaneously
– Testing can now happen earlier/sooner
Right PlaceWith the ability to test at any hour, simplicity of use and no requirement to rely on a laboratory, the Biology Works k(now) portable “lab in a box” (PCR Level Lab) has all the elements to deliver accurate diagnostics in even the most remote places.– Our device is portable
– Can administer the test anywhere, even at home
– Ability to align to lower cost settings
Right TimeUnrivaled Speed to Accurate Result, and Even Faster Speed to Share Information.– On-site accurate and trustworthy (99.1% accuracy) results
– Right diagnosis first time
– Faster diagnosis = accurate treatment & speedier recovery
– Broad suite of tests to address various wholistic health concerns
– Speed to accurate result reduces treatment and “gaps in care”
Right CareOne device. Many applications. Humans. Live- stock and Pets. Plants. Even Surfaces.– Inexpensive to implement
– Simplicity of design and testing eliminates need for skilled resource to support
– Lowest per test cost making testing more accessible and affordable
– Reusable devices
– Care aligned to the appropriate use of resources
– Dramatic reductions global healthcare costs as results early intervention
– Significantly lower unit costs per diagnosis

Right Cost

A PCR quality lab to meet practically all of your testing needs, at 1/10th the price. And 1/5th the size.

We all want to know more, and want to know it faster. Speed of information can not only save lives, but thousands of dollars or more. Whether it is a mother of three trying to determine if her child has strep throat, breeders worried about the health of their cattle, food producers seeking answers regarding livestock, farmers concerned with health of their crops, or residents in remote villages trying to assure the safety of the water they drink, the BiologyWorks k(now) diagnostic platform can help them get answers they seek. Quickly, easily, and affordably.

Right Place

Recently, one of our clients referred to us as “the land rover of laboratories.” Whether it’s the hills Greece, the most remote villages in South Africa, a hospital in Sicily, or a table setup to support incoming visitors to the Middle East, BiologyWorks k(now) exceeds expectations.

Configurable in multiple approaches to fit space limitations, travel requirements, or daily set-up, our system has been built with the belief that accurate testing, and the information gathered, is best achieved when closer to the patient or area of impact. So, whether you are a large laboratory or hospital system seeking to get more agile and faster information, a field clinic or community health center looking to serve your patients better, or a local pharmacy looking to expand your business through advanced testing, BiologyWorks does just that- it works.

Sophistication of design, in a device looking so simple, is also an advantage. Our portable lab doesn’t require skilled labor to operate, thus reducing both cost and opening up for a world of deployment. And unlike other “portable/mobile” devices, the BiologyWorks k(now) needn’t lay perfectly flat to effectively achieve a result. Because let’s face it, when you are out in the field, or even in a back office, we sometimes do not have the chance to assure perfect conditions.

That’s redefining the “point” in “point-of-care.”

Right Time

Unrivaled Speed to Accurate Result, and Even Faster Speed to Share Information.

“I feel better already.” Those are the words of one of our users, when taking our test in the convenience of their local pharmacy. Fortunately, the test was negative- but that result, quickly and inexpensively delivered, saved nights and nights of concern, worry and fear for that person.

Just imagine a world where people could visit their local pharmacy, or provider, or even stay home, and get real-time answers to their health concerns. A world where clinicians and consumers don’t have to postpone medical treatment due to lack of access to accurate diagnostics. A much simpler world where accurate, reliable testing has become so affordable, and easy to do, that delays in treatments for patients are virtually eliminated. A world with data connectivity to take advantage of the latest in communication technology- where consumers and patients, leveraging the strictest of privacy protocols, are able to share important information to get the right care, at the right time, at the right cost, and at the right place.

A fully informed person making the right decisions sooner, easier and affordably. That’s power. And it’s redefining the front lines of healthcare.

Right Care

One device. Many applications. Humans. Live- stock and Pets. Plants. Even Surfaces.

The BiologyWorks k(now) molecular testing system can test anything with a molecular footprint.

We are in the process of developing a broad range of tests across the spectrum of all diagnostic needs. Leveraging the power of our innovative technology, we provide the ability to move testing closer to the “patient”, and enabling testing to be done with little or no training required. Be it humans, animals of all kinds, agricultural products, or even food and surfaces- all tests can run on our simple, affordable device- with information provided practically within minutes (versus hours or days), and connectivity enabled where appropriate to provide proper oversight or care.